About Us


Radio Icengelo is a community radio station located on the Copperbelt owned by the Catholic Diocese of Ndola. With the experience of how community media was used in the liberation struggle of Latin America, the Catholic Church has always supported the power of community radios. Since then, the church and the world at large have recognized the pivotal role that community radios have played in mobilizing people for a common cause. Furthermore, community radios have proved their efficacy in fostering social change and economic development. It was against this background that when the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) in Zambia liberalized the airwaves, the Catholic Diocese of Ndola under the leadership of late Bishop Dennis De Jong seized the opportunity to give the people of the Copperbelt a community radio called Radio Icengelo. Radio Icengelo obtained a construction permit in 1995 and started test transmission on 6th September 1995. The radio was commissioned on 11th May 1996 by then president Dr Fredrick Chiluba. Since then the radio has acquired the stature of a popular credible and independent community radio.

Mission Statement

Radio Icengelo exist to Evangelize and transform the community into better Christians with Love, Peace and Unity through quality broadcasting

Vision Statement

To be a global self sustaining Christian Radio Station Through a diversified enterprise, that inspires humanity to run the race of Faith

Core Values

Prayer, Integrity, Innovation, Efficiency, Quality, Team Work and Leadership.

Aim & Objectives

The aim of Radio Icengelo is summarized in four words: To Evangelize, Inform, Educate and Entertain.

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